2020 ETVarsity BEST PREPS

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The Longview News Journal ETVarsity Best Preps Nominations

The ETVarsity Best Preps, presented by Peters Cars, is an awards program for outstanding high school student athletes based not only on their athletic performance but also their GPA and their volunteerism and community involvement. Each Best Preps student has been nominated by their coach and has maintained at least a 3.0 GPA this year and has at least 10 hours of volunteerism this year. The Longview News Journal, along with these generous sponsors are proud to honor these hard working and dedicated student athletes.

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ETVarsity Best Preps Nominations

The Bobby Taylor Award for Football

Presented by Eastman Credit Union:

Longview High School Drew Beltran
Pine Tree High School Gabe Adams
Spring Hill High School Gage White
Hallsville High School Dale Dawes
White Oak High School Tanner McKinney
Kilgore High School Scott Silvey
Gilmer High School Bladen Collom
New Diana High School William Leslie
Gladewater High School Zachary Villarreal
Ore City High School Ty Freeman
Carthage High School Desmund “DJ” Hicks
Tatum High School Klein Bradbury
Trinity School of Texas Marlin Reeves
Harmony High School Isaac Edwards


Carolee Musick Award for Volleyball

Longview LaDeja George
Pine Tree Sam Sommerfeld
Spring Hill Maci Plunk
Marshall Chloe Buchanan
Hallsville Amy Thomas
White Oak Alysa Hall
Kilgore Jada Abercrombie
Gladewater Graci Hart
Ore City Ally Sewell
Carthage Cami Hicks
Tatum Essence Allen
Trinity School of Texas Micah Cobb
St. Mary’s April Jones


The Natalie Bach-Prather Award for Boys Cross Country

Longview David Soria
Pine Tree Blake Couch
Spring Hill Kalen Barlow
Hallsville Christian Derr
White Oak John Langley
Kilgore Austin Bain
Gladewater Michael Lewis
Tatum Brian Hawkins

The Natalie Bach-Prather Award for Girls Cross Country

Longview Isabel Breaux
Pine Tree Tashianna Gray
Marshall Kayla Vanderburg
Hallsville Bethany Rogers
White Oak Morgan Benge
Kilgore Emma Taylor
Tatum Yuvia Vazquez
Trinity School of Texas Georgia Scott
St. Mary’s Gabriela Garcia


Pine Tree HighSchool Colton Joseph Munoz
Tatum High School C. J. Fite


White Oak High School Reagan Reeves
Tatum High School Amiyah Colclough


The Texas Real Estate Executives award for Boys Basketball

Presented by Texas Real Estate Executives:


Longview High School Zion Stanley
Pine Tree High School Kenny Bradshaw
Hallsville High School Joseph Melendez
White Oak High School Carson Roling
Ore City High School Jose Lopez
Carthage High School De’Aundrey Bowman
Tatum High School DeCartiyay Allison
Trinity School of Texas Caed Liebengood
St. Mary’s Catholic School Dominic Tucker


The Evelyn Blalock Award for Girls Basketball 

Longview High School Meshia Shead
Pine Tree High School Antranae Thomas
Spring Hill High School Ashlee Blake
Hallsville High School Kelci Wilson
White Oak High School Alysa Hall
Carthage High School Zamoria (Zee) McGrue
Tatum High School Essence Allen
Trinity School of Texas Emily Sparks
St. Mary’s Catholic School Rebecca Dunn

The Chris Davis Award for Baseball

Presented by Whataburger:


Longview High School Keaton King
Pine Tree High School Trenton Wayne
Hallsville High School Easton Cole Loyd
White Oak High School Micah Gibson
Kilgore High School Jayce McFarland
Gilmer High School Brett Britton
New Diana High School Cade Medlin
Carthage High School Jackson Blissett
Tatum High School Luke Lister
Trinity School of Texas Jaden Ayala

The Jenilee Skender Award for Softball

Presented by Keebaugh & Co:

Longview High School Zekyia Robinson
Pine Tree High School Taitum Barry
Spring Hill High School Samantha Schott
Hallsville High School Molly Danna
White Oak High School Kelsi Wingo
Kilgore High School Kristen Wilson
Gilmer High School Laci Harris
New Diana High School Heather Zook
Gladewater High School Graci Hart
Ore City High School Jade Draper
Carthage High School Kinsley Ingram
Tatum High School Anna Halton

The Kenta Bell Award for Boys Track & Field

Longview High School Keilan Carr
Pine Tree High School Ethan Hunter
Spring Hill High School Kalen Barlow
White Oak High School Tanner McKinney
Kilgore High School Cameron Jackson
Trinity School of Texas Sixto Mendez


The Kenta Bell Award for Girls Track & Field

Presented by Cubby Hole of Texas:

Longview High School Angell Evans
Pine Tree High School Tashianna Gray
Spring Hill High School A’zaria Jones
White Oak High School Natalie Reed
Kilgore High School Maliyah Holland
Tatum High School Ramaya Davis
Trinity School of Texas Hayner Boorman

The Cristian Monreal Award for Boys Soccer

Longview High School Raul Torrez, Jr.
Pine Tree High School Brandt Herber
Spring Hill High School Nathan Hammett
Hallsville High School Mason Morris
Carthage High School Shooter Stevenson
Tatum High School Elian Arreola



The Cristian Monreal Award for Girls Soccer

Presented by Chick-fil-A:

Longview High School Caroline Henderson
Hallsville High School Carolyn Hale
Kilgore High School Sarah Loomis
Carthage High School Alayna Plumlee
Tatum High School Karisma Estrada

The Dick Williams Award for Boys Golf:

Longview High School Cade Bruce
Pine Tree High School Marshall Daugbjerg
White Oak High School Luke Ummel
Tatum High School Graham Skinner
Trinity School of Texas Rhett Sellers
St. Mary’s Catholic School Jack Blalock


The Dick Williams Award for Girls Golf:

Longview High School Laney Gruppi
Pine Tree High School Chloe Chandler
White Oak High School Meredith Smith
Tatum High School Kalen White
Trinity School of Texas Sophie Cook
St. Mary’s Catholic School Evelynrose Harouff


The Butch Clay Award for Boys Tennis

Presented by Texas Bank and Trust:

Longview High School Matthew Nguyen
Pine Tree High School Camden Salser
Spring Hill High School Carson Barnhill
Hallsville High School Trace Brooks
White Oak High School John Langley
Carthage High School Kenton Worsham
Trinity School of Texas Camp Stevens
St. Mary’s Catholic School Dominic Tucker



The Butch Clay Award for Girls Tennis

Presented by Texas Bank and Trust:


Longview High School Simran Kortikere
Pine Tree High School Cambrie Salser
Spring Hill High School Maylea Malloy
Hallsville High School Brinkley Bounds
White Oak High School Natalie Reed
Carthage High School Taylor Barton
Trinity School of Texas Ella Stevens
St. Mary’s Catholic School Rebecca Dunn



Longview High School Braden Nickel
Pine Tree High School Dawson Shelton

Longview High School Gracie Ponder
Pine Tree High School Ainsley Daugbjerg


The Eastman Credit Union award for Cheerleading

Presented by Eastman Credit Union:


Longview High School Abigail Archer
White Oak High School Riley Edmondson
Kilgore High School Katy Edens
Ore City High School Jacee Burks
Tatum High School Kristin Smith
Trinity School of Texas Caroline Deason

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2019 Nominations

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Schools that Participate

Longview High School

Pine Tree High School

Spring Hill High School

Marshall High School

Hallsville High School

White Oak High School

Kilgore High School

Gilmer High School

New Diana High School

Gladewater High School

Ore City High School

Carthage High School

Tatum High School

Trinity School of Texas

Harmony High School

St. Mary’s

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2020 BEST PREPS Speaker

Charean Williams

2019 BEST PREPS Speaker

Jon Peters